About Re-Re

Re-Re 品牌創辦人 Venisa Yao 原是一名服裝設計師。在 2011 年製作第一只防水購物袋,因大受同學、朋友的歡迎,於是在 2016 年創立品牌 Re-Re。Re-Re 是 “Reach to the Real you” 的縮寫,意思是「成就真實的你」,希望每位顧客戴上 Re-Re,都能發自內心地展現真實自我。

2016 年夏季, Re-Re 在台北西門町紅樓創意市集初登場即大獲好評,設計師決心開始投入設計更多系列。同年秋季, Re-Re 在迪化街莊義芳商行開業時期奠定品牌基礎,從初期兩個系列的產品開發到五個系列:袋包系列、小皮飾系列、花漾系列、藝術家聯名系列、蠶絲金工 (Silk Flora) 系列等。Re-Re 品牌旗下系列產品設計豐富、材質多元,所有系列皆堅持台灣手工製作。

Re-Re 品牌主要系列為蠶絲金工 (Silk Flora) 系列。設計師運用台灣即將失傳的傳統纏花工藝加以設計改良,並結合現代風格製成首飾,不但賦予古老技藝嶄新風貌並延續傳統工藝,深受顧客的支持與愛戴。此系列作品更於 2018-19年,連續2年多次獲選為台灣外交禮物,贈與給美國、俄羅斯、聖克里斯多福、聖文森。

2020年初,Re-Re 設計師 Venisa Yao 獲選為德國慕尼黑國際工藝大展台灣代表隊之一,將獨特的蠶絲金工系列推向國際舞台,此外,蠶絲金工系列中的2件產品(百合胸針、三葉耳環)榮獲文化部認證為 2020年臺灣優良工藝品。

「創新、在地化」是 Re-Re 的品牌精神。設計師 Venisa Yao 在就學、就業、創業的經歷中認識到許多才華洋溢的台灣工匠、設計師,及藝術家等,非常幸運地有這些人的支持,Re-Re 才能持續落實品牌精神,成就真實的你。

Venisa Yao was a fashion designer who, in 2016, followed her passion and created her own brand, Re-Re – which stands for “Reach the Real You.” Her hope is that people who wear Re-Re will have the confidence to freely express themselves.

Re-Re’s most unique product is “Chan-Hua”, the art of entwining silk flowers.Venisa has revived this traditional Taiwanese craft, but has brought to it a distinctly modern flair.

In the past, Chan-Hua was used as a dowry. Since that’s no longer a part of Taiwanese culture, this traditional art began to disappear. But Venisa recognized its unique beauty and wanted to bring this intricate beauty to her custom-designed jewelry.

In recognition of her unique art, her Silk Flora collection was chosen as a diplomatic gift to Russia and the U.S.A. in 2018 and 2019, as well as to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Christopher. She continues to receive honors, being chosen as a part of the Taiwan Crafts Spectrum in Munich, Germany, and also receiving two awards at the 2020 Taiwan Good Crafts ceremony.

“Novelty and a Local Focus” are core values of Re-Re. Thanks to the great support from talented Taiwanese craftsmen, designers, and artists, Re-Re will continue to develop and find new ways for people to express themselves and “Reach the Real You.”