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Venisa Yao

Re-Re brand founder Venisa Yao, formerly a fashion designer, created the first waterproof shopping bag in 2011. It garnered widespread acclaim from classmates and friends, leading her to establish the Re-Re brand in 2016. Re-Re still stands for "Reach the Real you," underscoring the aspiration for each customer to wear Re-Re and authentically express themselves from the heart.

Re-Re stands for "Reach to the Real you," symbolizing the achievement of the authentic self. The brand aspires for every customer who wears Re-Re to genuinely express their true selves from within.

Expansion Phase

Taiwan's Diplomatic Gift

Re-Re's main collection is the Silk Jewelry series. The designer creatively applies and refines Taiwan's endangered traditional coiling flower craft, combining it with modern aesthetics to craft exquisite jewelry. This not only breathes new life into age-old craftsmanship but also seamlessly merges it with contemporary styles, earning steadfast support and admiration from customers. The series' pieces were chosen as diplomatic gifts for Taiwan on multiple occasions in 2018-19, presented to countries such as the United States, Russia, Saint Christopher, and Saint Vincent. In early 2020, Re-Re's designer, Venisa Yao, was selected as Taiwan's representative craftsman at the International Crafts Fair in Munich, Germany. This achievement successfully propelled the distinctive Silk Jewelry series onto the international stage, illuminating the essence of Taiwanese culture.

The Silk Flora collection has been selected multiple times as Taiwan's diplomatic gift, being presented to countries such as the United States, Russia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Vincent. In 2018 and 2019, the collection was chosen for this prestigious role for consecutive years. In early 2020, Re-Re designer Venisa Yao was selected as one of the representatives of the Taiwan team at the International Crafts Fair in Munich, Germany, showcasing the unique Silk Flora collection on the international stage.

Furthermore, two products from the Silk Flora collection, the Lily Brooch and the Three-Leaf Earrings, have been recognized by the Ministry of Culture as Taiwan's Excellent Crafts in 2020, further highlighting the craftsmanship and quality of the series.

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Revitalizing the vanishing coiling flower craft

Promoting the essence of culture

In the summer of 2015, designer Venisa Yao discovered the traditional Taiwanese art of coiling flower craftsmanship during her travels. Deeply impressed, she fortuitously met a master craftsman, Mr. Zhang, who shared the challenges and the fading status of this precious cultural skill. Touched by her passion, Venisa expressed her willingness to learn. Despite the considerable distance, the master warmly agreed. Ms. Zhang, motivated by the desire to preserve Taiwan's cultural heritage, graciously taught the coiling flower technique to the young fashion designer, refusing any payment. Grateful for her selfless generosity, we sincerely thank this remarkable lady.

Brand Startup

From local markets to the international stage

In 2016, the Re-Re brand was founded at the Ximending Red House Creative Market.
From 2016 to 2018, the brand operated a flagship store at Taipei's Dihua Street, Zhaung Yifang Trading Co.
In 2018, the Silk Gilding Series became Taiwan's diplomatic gift to the United States and other countries.
In 2019, Re-Re was selected to join the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. Once again in 2019, it was chosen as Taiwan's diplomatic gift by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2020, Re-Re received recognition as Taiwan's representative craftsman at the IHM International Crafts Fair in Munich, Germany.
The brand set up a pop-up store on the 89th floor of Taipei 101 in 2020, and also joined the Song Yan Style Gallery.
In the same year, Re-Re was certified by the Ministry of Culture as a Taiwan Good Craft, representing the pinnacle of craftsmanship in Taiwan.
In 2021, designer Venisa Yao was invited to showcase a solo exhibition on coiling flower art, titled "," at the No Wall Museum in Taipei.
In 2022, Re-Re was selected as a featured jewelry brand at Taipei Fashion Week, and it launched the world's unique in collaboration with Taiwan and Hong Kong.
From 2022 to 2024, Re-Re established its presence in the Sixteen Workshops at Ximending Red House in Taipei.
In 2023, the brand collaborated with a Hong Kong brand to create Re-Re by Watchmake, a sub-brand specializing in silk mechanical watches.
Re-Re was once again featured as a selected jewelry and watch brand at Taipei Fashion Week in 2023.
In the same year, the brand collaborated with Hong Kong for a cross-border exhibition titled "" at the Ximending Red House Theater.
Re-Re was invited to design a three-meter-wide hand-painted chalkboard wall on the fourth floor of Taipei Zhongshan Hall in 2023, launching the beloved “ ReHearti " series of products.

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