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Rere planet series: Saturn 42mm silver case Seiko NH70 movement

Rere planet series: Saturn 42mm silver case Seiko NH70 movement

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Saturn is the only one of the eight planets that has the beautiful appearance of its rings, and the sphere itself is covered with beautiful textures. When making this Saturn, the designer developed a hollow cut. Conventional mechanical watches expose the movement, and the cutting shape is usually circular or fan-shaped. However, the designer made something extraordinary when making this Saturn. I hope to use different ways to present the rings of Saturn on the dial. After all, each star is so unique and deserves to use more innovative and unique craftsmanship to express Saturn. The dial design of the rings of Saturn allows people to see the movement from different angles. Get a glimpse of the special appearance of mechanical watch movements on different planets.

  • Japan-made self-winding movement mechanical watch
  • 316L stainless steel case
  • Sapphire crystal watch glass
  • Hollow surface design
  • 50 meters waterproof

Dimensions: 42 mm

Material: silk, steel, rose gold

Estimated craft time︰2 - 3 weeks

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