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Rere Planet Series: Crescent 42/36mm Black Case Seiko NH35 Movement

Rere Planet Series: Crescent 42/36mm Black Case Seiko NH35 Movement

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There is day and night, our planet series has the sun, and of course we cannot forget the moon! The sky full of stars and the bright moonlight in the dark night.

This moon is a crescent moon. The silk thread of the crescent moon is a new color specially customized for this new moon model - crescent blue. It has a bit of gray, gray and blue color, but it can emit a faint silver light, noble and elegant. Color matching makes the moon appear more mysterious and charming in the dark night!

The black night also uses metal blended silk threads exclusively developed by the designer. The yarn is inlaid on the surface to show the stars in the dark night and the bright moonlight. The texture of the metallic yarn is paired with our newly developed crescent moonlight, which is like The stars twinkling faintly in the night sky are so beautiful.

Another highlight of Crescent Moon is that it is made with the designer's most professional technique - Chunzihua handcraft, which presents the traditional flower wrapping technique to everyone in a more innovative way. Therefore, in the dark night, the moon will have a three-dimensional and low-key glow.

The new moon also represents the beginning and renewal of everything, and has the meaning of rest and recharging. Wearing the new moon model in the new year, let us set off again in the starry sky and sail towards a better universe!

  • Japan-made self-winding movement mechanical watch
  • 316L stainless steel case
  • Sapphire crystal watch glass
  • Hollow surface design
  • 50 meters waterproof

Size: 42/36mm

Material: silk, steel, black

Estimated craft time︰2 - 3 weeks

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