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Rere Planet Series: Galaxy 42mm Blue Case Sun and Moon Phase Tourbillon

Rere Planet Series: Galaxy 42mm Blue Case Sun and Moon Phase Tourbillon

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Black holes can absorb all light, and are mysterious and unfathomable. The designer and watchmaker carefully created the uniqueness of the black hole. They specially customized special metal wires combined with the tourbillon movement, tailor-made from raw materials, front and back. It took several months to complete this beautiful black hole mechanical watch.

This black hole silk dial, the designer specially developed metal blended silk thread, between bright black and dark gray, with a bit of steel color and metallic texture. The texture of the entire dial is woven by hand and wrapped with silk thread. To reveal the mysterious gravitational waves of a black hole, the designer personally created such fine textures, from the watchmaker’s movement, the designer’s silk weaving, to the overall appearance design. Watching the two people painstakingly study the yarn, movement, and shoulders Standing side by side on the work table, our hands worked together to create this beautiful black hole. The editor was really amazed! Beauty reaches new heights!

  • Japan-made self-winding movement mechanical watch
  • 316L stainless steel case
  • Sapphire crystal watch glass
  • tourbillon

Dimensions: 42mm

Material: silk thread, steel, precious metal

Estimated craft time︰4-6 weeks

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